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Viewing Single Post From: Possible spoiler about the Bo/Hope story?

Mar 17 2009, 10:50 AM
Yeah- taking a pay cut, watching your friends get fired, then having a romance with a 75 year-old man? I thought my year was pretty crappy.

With the visions...I just can't bring myself to care. Even random speculation, which is usually fun because y'all are more clever than the writers are, is just not elevating this above "meh." Hope's probably just pregnant or something and hiding it 'cause she was mad about shooting Kayla because Bo hid his visions or whatever. How is Kayla, by the way?

Whatever the case, there's nothing about it that's all that interesting or exciting, imho. And I can't imagine it going somewhere because, y'know, it's Days.
there ya have it those are my sentiments as well and very well put. I have tried to give a care but you lnow what I just don't and I find it hilarious because it's gong to end up being so stupid because it already is.
I agree the people trying to guess it have way better ideas.
and Dan and Hope is as disgusting to me as Roman and Hope. maybe Kristian got bored and wanted Hope to slut around a little and the best they could do was let Bo have visions of it. lol
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