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This week's SOD features an interview with Ali Sweeney.

EJ overhears Sami saying on the phone, 'I can't do this anymore; I'm bringing Grace home.' Sami lies and tells him she adopted a baby while in hiding. Ali Sweeney says, "I played it that Sami was thinking of doing the whole adoption story all along, but she was just looking for better cover. It's hard to justify because she already has three kids." Sweeney continues that Sami is "thrilled" that she can bring Grace home.

Sami tells Rafe and he is not happy, but then they have an argument which leads to a kiss. Rafe accuses Sami of acting before she thinks things through, and then Sami accuses him of the same. As they're arguing, Rafe grabs Sami and kisses her. As Sweeney says, "It's a really cute moment. And then he does the ultimate gesture of saying he'll go with her to get Grace." Sweeney continues that this is Rafe's way of "saying he's on her side no matter what".

Sami then asks Rafe to be Grace's godparent. Sweeney explains that Sami does this out of appreciation for what Rafe has done for Sami and for Grace; "Grace wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for him."

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