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Please link to DR.

Peter Reckell is interviewed by both SOD and SOW this week.

Reckell tells SOW that Hope has told Bo that his visions are happening because he's insecure, and that he has to try to put them out of his mind. As part of trying to do that, Bo stops talking about his visions, even to Hope.

Bo then has, as Reckell says, "another vision that is stupid and wild": a vision of Hope in bed with Roman. Reckell clarifies, "It's not really explicit. It's just suggested that they are in bed." Reckell says that this seems "incredible" to Bo and that "it blows him out of the water", especially since all his other visions have come true.

Hope sees that something is bothering Bo, but he tells her that since she told him to put his visions out of his head and ignore them, he's trying to do that.

Bo and Hope are supposed to have a date that night, but before that, Bo finds Hope and Roman at the pub. Bo sees Hope talking to Roman about Bo and saying she feels bad for him and what he's going through. Roman tells Hope he'll always be there for her, and he gives her a hug. When that happens, Bo has another "flash" of his vision.

Hope then says goodbye to Roman, and she sees Bo and tells him she's ready for their date. But Bo tells Hope he just can't go out with her. He tells her he "just can't take this" and has work to do, and then he runs off. As Reckell says, "Bo's like, 'What the hell is going on? Am I crazy?' These visions are just getting worse, more and more out there. Especially this one. Bo's thinking he's nuts."

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