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Jay Kenneth Johnson is interviewed by SOD and SOW this week.

Philip tries to reclaim the fuels project from Tony so that he can regain favor with Victor. He meets with Tony and tries to buy back the formula, but Tony says no. Tony tells Philip to, as SOW says, "make a clean break with Victor and be the man he wants to be." Philip then makes Tony the offer that the two of them could be partners and that, as Johnson says, "they'd be stronger together". But Tony still refuses.

Then, Victor asks Philip to meet with him, and Victor fires Philip from Titan, because he lost the fuels project to the DiMeras. As Johnson says, "Philip's angry, but he's more hurt. He can't believe his father would choose business over family." Philip goes to pack his office, but he tells Victor that he's still going to try to get the project back. Johnson explains that "Philip is determined to bring it to his dad."

Philip then texts Tony and asks him to come to the pier. Johnson says that "Tony has what Philip needs, and he's not going to give up." However, as Johnson explains, unfortunately for Philip, when he and Tony meet on the pier, Tony "basically laughs in Philip's face". The two argue, and then things escalate and some punches are thrown.

Nicole, meanwhile, has come to the pier to confront Tony about his threat to tell EJ about Sydney. She sees the fight intensify. Philip cuts his hand on a piece of glass, and, thinking he's won, Tony starts to walk away. Philip yells to Tony that it's not over, and then when Tony starts to walk back to Philip, Tony falls on a wood pallet, and a fragment pierces his back. Philip then sees Nicole, and he tells her to call 911.

However, instead of calling 911, Nicole calls EJ to tell him that Tony's hurt. Then, Philip asks Nicole about what she saw; Johnson explains that Philip "wants to make sure [Nicole] is going to corroborate his story, which is that it was an accident, which it was." But Nicole just walks away.

Stefano and EJ confront Philip at the hospital, because they think Philip may have tried to kill Tony. As Johnson says, "Stefano vows vengeance. He will not rest until Philip is taken care of."

Bo breaks up the argument, and Philip tells Bo that it was an accident and that Nicole witnessed the whole thing. But since Nicole doesn't seem to be talking and Tony is "clinging to life", Philip realizes things look bad. "This could possibly be one of the worst situations [Philip] has been in... he never wanted Tony to die," says Johnson. "Everything starts to hit Philip. He might have an indirect hand in killing Tony if he dies, and he will have to live with that his whole life. He could go to jail, and he's lost even more favor in his father's eyes. It's a devastating situation."

SOW concludes their article by saying the situation could get even worse for Philip, because Nicole slips into Tony's room...

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