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This whole "Explanation or excuse" for adoption is beyond believable.
She will be opening up a HUGE can of worms because I dont think anyone will believe or understand her reasoning.
She had other options.. Obviously she Trusts Rafe, and knows he cares about baby Grace, it would have been more realistic if he simply came to Salem with a child, either a so called abandoned sibling, or baby from a girl he might have hooked up with who walked away from the baby and left with him.

This way Sami could have claimed getting attached to the child if Rafe brought her for visits.
And Being a "Single Dad" Sami could offer to help out and pretty much take charge of her care and be in the childs life every day with fewer questions.

This whole .. "I was lonely so I adopted a newborn while someone was trying to kill me" story is stupid, especially considering she has 2 small toddlers at home.

BAD WRITING...BAD VISION .. but , why am I not surprised.
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