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Mar 18 2009, 07:04 PM
I think the birth scene would be hilarious, 'cause she'd be all decked out in tons of makeup.
LOL of course. I'm sure she wouldn't give birth in the hospital (who on Days does, anyway?) so that she wouldn't have to wear a hospital gown. I'm actually shocked they'd consider making her pregnant... at some point, I think she'd have to wear maternity clothes.

I'm more concerned about months of melodramatic health issues and Dr. Dan taking care of her with Kate fuming in a corner and Lucas oblivious to it all. And St. Chloe would end up holding on "for my baby" all righteous and crap, all the while carrying 10 pounds of hair and staring vacantly at those around her. Torture...
ROFL about the hair... but yeah, sounds like if she is pregnant, you've accurately summed up the next few months.
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