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I pray this all has purpose but I have my doubts. Boy, do I. I mean, why keep doing this? There has to be a reason behind all this. All the other stories have a long-term plan behind them. You can see that but this? I have no idea and that is what I'm struggling with.

When the visions started, I liked it. I like how they focused on Bo's conflict and how he dealt with the visions. The talks between Bo and Hope over it were great. It all fell apart after Kayla got shot because then we got that lame month long split up of Bo and Hope that served no purpose. What was the reasoning behind that? I don't mind doing it if there is a reason. Then they just get back together suddenly and it all felt like a waste of time.

Now, this whole Roman thing...why? I get the fact that they liked the idea of teasing which guy it would be as some kind of suspense builder for sweeps but, beyond that...why? To give Josh Taylor a story? I mean, their is some history there but where are we going with this? If I don't get an answer or if there is not some plan at work here, this story will go down as being worse then Garden of Eden because I think they expected us to accept that as nonsense. This I don't think they expect that.

I get the sense Peter liked the story at the start but, like me, felt it lost it's way. The only way it's saved for me is if Hope and Roman aren't really Hope and Roman. At least then it sort of wipes the past few months of all this away and it adds some interest factor. Plus, seeing Kristian play bad again would be fun.

The only other thing I will say is this is so not a Higley story. No way. This is Tomlin and Whitesell camp, folks. I don't feel Higley's impact on the show much, if at all, anyway at this point. If there isn't some bigger plan at work here, then I will start hoping that Tomlin and Whitesell stop writing for Bo and Hope and just hand them over to Higley. Let Higley write them and Tomlin and Whitesell handle the rest. I know Higley wrote the goop and bounty hunter stuff but at least there was a point behind it. She had the right idea sending Bo and Hope off on adventures and having them work together, even if the execution sucked. I would rather see that then this at this point, if nothing changes soon. Higley likes Bo and Hope. She stated that in her 2003 interview and she always seems to like writing for them. I don't think she would ever hand this story to them, at least not in the way it's been done.

The sad part is why bother? There is more things to do with Bo and Hope. Just use them as police officers or have them investigate like in the Fall. Have them play supporting roles in the Kiriakis/Dimera stuff. Bo worked in that story this week. Go with that.

I think they want to keep them around but they don't know how to do it so they tried something new. Unless something changes, it failed. If this Roman thing leads to nothing surprising, I say figure out a way to end the story and start something better through ending it 9I hate when soaps just drop things) or just drop it and suck it up.

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