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Well, people have been complaining for months that Sami did not have a plan. Adoption was thrown out as an idea and when Sami finally comes up with something and decides to adopt, people think it's dumb? Even when the show gives some what they want, people still complain LOL. Can't win, I guess. I don't think it makes much sense, as Drew said, because of Sami having two young children right now but they needed to do something.

I also agree it's late in the game to have Sami come up with this but you have to remember that the story is the way it is simply because Ali had to go on leave. They had to string it out and do things differently. I have no doubt that if she wasn't pregnant in real life, they would've did certain things differently. Hell, they wouldn't have done any of this at all so moot point.

I LOVE Sami and Rafe. They've clicked even more for me since they came to Salem together. I do agree that Rafe is still too isolated. I've really enjoyed him more when he's with others. They really need to ingratiate him into Salem and soon and have him interact with others. Hell, even do a bit of chemistry testing with him just to see if he sizzles with someone other then Sami before simply settling on Sami and Rafe. Explore all options before settling on a quick resolution would be the proper way of doing things right now IMO.

This sounds good though.
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