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Mar 18 2009, 07:55 PM
Mar 18 2009, 07:50 PM
The only other thing I will say is this is so not a Higley story. No way. This is Tomlin and Whitesell camp, folks. I don't feel Higley's impact on the show much, if at all, anyway at this point.
She's the head writer! I'm not sure how you can say she's not having an impact on the show.
Doesn't make a difference. It's a title. Being the HW and actually acting as one (or being allowed to) are two different things.

Tomlin and Whitesell love working together. Higley's key supporter was Corday. It was said that Corday is letting Tomlin handle the show right now. Add to that the fact that the show no longer has a Higley feel and by that I mean the show is being written with a JER like style and feel, the like's of which Higley has proven she is not capable of. The show is more campy and more electric. Every writer has a feel. This is not a show with a Higley feel

My view is that Tomlin and Whitesell are controlling the stories and execution and Higley is handling the rest. She is just there to appease Corday. I think that is why Tomlin hasn't replaced her yet with Whitesell. He figures this keeps Corday off his back. Higley stays because no one else would dare hire her after last years debacle.
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