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Mar 17 2009, 10:18 AM
I kind of had in the back of my mind that instead of it being Hope and Roman, it is Chelsea and Max.

Say that Bo tells Max to break it off with his daughter, so they agree and sneak around behind Bo's back, and in Bo's visions, Hope is Chelsea saying that she is giving her best performance by decieving Bo, and Roman is Max as they are both Bo's brothers.

It's stupid and confusing as hell, but Higley and co have been known to do some weird ass stuff. That, and it isn't very climatic and that is also a Higley trademark.

I so seriously doubt that Hope is having anythig to do with Roman...or is she secretly cheating on Bo...so it has to be something else.
Also this gives Hope another stupid reason to be mad at Bo...to think that he would ever believe something in his visions. :)
that is true they have pulled some weird ass stuff,want me to name some?
1:the reprogrammed john...twice or 3 times?
2:princess gina
3:baby storylines
4:andre tony lookalikes
5:whos the daddy storylines
8:faze outs.(meaning that they faze the character out)
9:the whole devil in marlena story
shall i go on cuz im sure i could lol! :omg: :wow:
chelsea is pulling the deception card on her father,bo
max is his brother and bo is forbidding them to be together.
so they are pulling deception and bo is seeing the wrong things he thinks its hope but really its chelsea his daughter and hope's step daughter and max his brother like roman
so chelsea has been pulling it for a while now so she says "i cant believe i have fooled bo this long
see the visions and blood relations are confusing bo with the visual and the reality effects his blood relations are crossing paths with his daughter and brother so his visual is showing his wife and his other brother.
u just made it PLUS.....
why give chelsea a big story same with max if they are leaving??? to get publicity! to have a cliff hanger go on for a few weeks for bope fans.PERFECT! AWSOME I JUST GOT IN THE MIND OF SOAP WRITERS!!! :omg: :dance: :applause: :rockon:
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