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Mar 18 2009, 02:41 AM
Mar 17 2009, 12:00 AM
Oh geez. Could she be Princess Gina? The comment from Sami the other day about Stefano would love if Ej had a harem of women producing was confusing to me. Could Princess Gina meet Elvis the impregnator? :hypnotize:
If this is Princess Gina, I AM DONE WITH DAYS.
my mom feels the same way believe me she said THE EXACT same thing.what good things have happened since 2004 when it sucked and i started to watch it.
1:rafe and brady came on and safe become a thing.
2:lumi no more
uhhhh thats all i got! the bads things that have happens...
1 andre got killed off.(i liked him)
2 tony is getting killed off.
3 ejoke became
4 more whos the daddy stories and more babies
5 nicole came back
6 lucas is STILL on
7 bope is being crazy
8 ejami happened
9 jarlena got wrote off
10 stayla got wrote off
11 we thought john died
12 will came back
wow....i bet i could continue but i dont feel like it
spoiler!!! just want to through in a freebee spoiler about a new butler coming to the DIMERA mansion that KNOWS ALL AND SEES ALL. he sees tony's death i bet....
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