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Just finished watching a few episodes of Season 3 ...

Syd comes to the beach house and finds Michael having a drink over Kim's lifeless body. She snatches the suicide note. Kim bribes Syd to help her frame Michael. Syd then blackmails Michael, she'll give him the ransom note if he gives her his half of the settlement. Syd then uses the settlement money to bail out Mancini Designs.

Jo and Jess had sex outside of Shooters, in the alley. Jake was unaware of them until Syd overheard them (Syd lives next to Jo) having sex. Syd tells Jake who confronts Jo.

Amanda uses Brooke and the two of them sabotage Allison at D&D. Amanda eventually reclaims her position. Brooke and Billy begin sleeping together. Amanda also turns down Michael's marriage proposal, literally laughing in his face at it. Good times.
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