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Over the next couple of months, Will and Mia will begin to grow close as a couple. At first, all they will be doing is hanging out, going to movies together. Things don't become official for them until mid-may, when Will wants Mia to wear his class-ring. With nowhere to stay except for a hotel room, Will asks his dad if Mia could move in with them...Lucas is at first hesitate but after setting some rules, he allows Mia to stay with them. Though Mia and him will be sharing the same room, they will also be growing closer with Will comforting Mia at night because of missing her babygirl but she doesn't tell Will at first about her pregnancy.

The baby drama will be far from over. Will finds out the truth about Mia and Nicole about Grace/Sidney. Will begs Mia not to expose Nicole because he doesn't want to risk that EJ and his mom will get together over Sidney. Both agree to make Nicole's life a living nightmare by teaming up together to stalk her and send terrifying messages.

It is only the beginning for sweet little Mia, when the father of her baby comes to town wanting to take full custody away from her. Mia's ex also finds out the truth about where his daughter is and knows who has her. Mia and Will will have to kidnap Grace from Sami to go on the run from Mia's ex boyfriend. What they are unaware of is that her ex sends acouple of his thug friends to track them down. It will be up to Will to protect his girlfriend and Grace. Will becomes Mia's hero on more then one occasion. This is just the beginning of a big adventure for the young teen couple.

Mia and Will also be like a "Bonnie and Clyde duo" to be able to survive for food and water. With very little money, William will have to resort in shoplifting from the local stores for food for; baby grace, Mia and himself.

The truth about the baby switch will come full circle, with the only one being left in the dark about everything is EJ but when he finds out...ohhh Nicole, you better watch out. In desperate times, Nicole will put Sami's life in danger and only Ej can save her before it is too late.
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