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Mar 20 2009, 06:22 PM
Mar 20 2009, 05:54 PM
Mar 20 2009, 05:11 PM

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I guess I just don't see it as abandonment. She was in constant contact with the convent, went to see the baby - even was expressing and freezing mother's milk for her. That's hardly abandonment by any definition - and now it seems that she can't take it any more and is going to bring the baby home at the risk of exposure. That's a FAR cry from stealing someone else's child - particularly after having access to a beautiful, healthy child and promising that young mother the baby would be deeply loved and cared for. Millions of women suffer the tragedy of miscarrying babies, myself included, without turning around and lying about it then stealing a baby to pass off as their own. So I suppose the Mom in me sees both sides of that equation and it's not hard to see who to root for. There's just no comparison in my mind, and that of many others. But to each his own... :shrug:

i throw nicole under the bus, then back up several times, then would call in a steam roller to maybe finish her off, however most children of satans spawn like her are harder than that to kill off.

she took mia's child, even was uncaring enough to not see that mia had medical care..just in case, and made off to the clinic where she took advantage of an opportunity to steal another womans baby.

that to me, makes her not fit to be a mother, and if anyone would say they would do the same thing in the same circumstance then i would doubt their right to motherhood either..a mother wants what is best for the baby at all times..that is what sami is doing.. and i will say if i had a hitman after me who had been hired by the man i am trying to protect from being able to lay any claim to my child, then i would do what Sami is doing..if that is what it took..can no one remember the stories in the bible of what mothers did to protect their children.

Moses mother put him in the Nile to save him. there are other stories too of mothers who have sacrifiiced a rather selfish need to not separate from a child to the more important role of preserving the childs life. It is a mothers inborn sense of preserving the life she has borne, and it goes beyond the selfish need of not wanting to lose the child as a possession.

to her, protecting the child is what she wants to do most of all..nicole wants to parade herself around as the best mother ever..i have seen those kind of women before, they are only using the baby for the reason of increasing their own self esteem..and it is an ugly thing to watch. just like pookie is no longer the favorite play toy, a child can end up being treated the same way.

as socr said, sami has done much to show how much she is caring about grace, expressing milk, calling to check on her, and now going to take her away from the convent even though rafe is trying to get her not to.

so forgive or don't forgive sami, the writing is on the wall for the character of nicole..start warming up the buses!

This post is just too hilarious for words...but let me try..

First off, Nicole DID make sure that Dr. Baker visited Mia. As she was leaving the clinic w/EJ, she talked to the doc and told him to go and check up on her.

Moses??? REALLY?? GMAFB! So now you're defending Sami decision to ABANDON her baby to the story of Moses??? I don't think Sami was being persecuted for being Hebrew and/or her first SON killed for their religious beliefs??

As for the abandonment issue. It is abandonment in any city, state, country...plain and simple. You can also make the case that both Lucas and Sami abandoned Wiil...Will is not an emancipated minor, so by him living in Switzerland, they were abandoning him.

Look, I can sugarcoat all Nicole's lies too. But she is going down for them. While we have Octo-mom aka Sarlena being the martyr....sell that shit to someone else...I'm not buying it!

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