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I don't think that any of the parties involved should be eager to throw stones at Nicole. Sami has done just as many horrid things as Nicole which go all the way back to her arrival on the show. Poor EJ also has done his fair share of crude things as well. So, if anyone should be forgiving it should be these people My goodness Sami sold her own sister on the blackmarket so she could probably offer a few pointers and a little insight herself about the situation. So, let's take the halo off everyone's heads. If it were Jennifer Rose, I would probably be screaming. But, everyone is jaded in this case. As for Stefano/Tony, I'm surprised the holy water didn't go running. Stefano has done dreadful things past/present. Tony hasn't always been Mr. Nice Guy himself. I think that's why I still root for Nicole. She is in good company. EJ should be the first one to forgive Nicole. He had to overcome his own demons where he's concerned. Sami/Nicole are both lying. But, Sami's actions are being justified while Nicole is being sent through the wringer. I don't exactly see Sami busting any seams to tell EJ the truth. If she can trust him with Johnny, she sure can trust him with Grace. EJ would never let any harm come to his children. Yes, Nicole will get blasted for her deceptions and Sami should as well. Both of them are doing some serious fibbing right now. While I'm on the topic, how does Sami think EJ will feel when he finds out that Sami appointed Rafe as the godfather of the child without even consulting him? I don't think Sami's actions are going to be whitewashed either. If Nicole goes down so will Sami.
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