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Why? Did EJ ever get what was coming to him? Here he still is after committing multiple crimes, free as a bird and a respected member of the bar.
Thanks for this comment. When it's time to mention EJ's deeds, we're all supposed to go "Sh!" We mustn't talk about that. It's all in the past. That's what's so crazy. I'm a big Nicole fan and always have been. It's incredulous to me that some are screaming that Nicole is unworthy of having a child. Let me get this straight. Nicole can't have a child because "she's so bad". Yet, these same individuals are willing to pair Sami with the guy that didn't have consentual sex with her. Oops. Forgot we aren't supposed to mention that, right. That's what makes the argument so pointless. Anything is possible in soapland. Don't get me wrong, I love EJ. But, I'm not about to turn a blind eye to his misdeeds any more than I will Nicole. I wouldn't change EJ or Nicole. I would leave them just the way they are. That's what makes them such a fascinating duo. And the icing on the cake is the chemistry that these two share. As for the baby situation, if Sami can use the lame excuse of she's doing it because of Stefano, Nicole can go off the fact that she's depressed over losing her own child. So, if Sami can tout excuse after excuse, Nicole can as well. Rafe is the only character that makes me like Sami. I think that they could actually have an interesting relationsihip. In any other case, I find her absolutely annoying.
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