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If the story line was continally showing Sami to be doing the same things she did as a teenager, I guess I could understand the comments. but the show changed direction with Sami about the same time that Will was took off in the 2006 stories, and anyone that brings the Belle kidnappeing should remember that she was doing it for the reason of protecting her father from finding out that Saint Marlena had made him a cuckold. But go ahead and have it your way, Sami should pay to her dying day for that..only Nicole should get away with attempted murder, extortion, aiding and abetting a kidnapping, mayhem on someones face, and now child stealing. Your opinion, not mine.

I am dealing with the here and now which is how a soap has to be viewed since if we could never accept changes in an actor or actress we would all still have to despise Julie, the closest character to Sami on the shows history. As I have said before, as a Sami fan I have never wanted her to get away with her schemes..but most of her schemes involved scheming against someone who had something to hide that was bad enough they were not wanting to be found out..her sainted mother included. She took advantage of them for her own purpostes.

What we have now is a Nicole who callously took advantage of a young confused teenager, then could not even have the integrity to do what she told the young mother she would do.

And for the person who said I compared Sami to Moses mother, sometimes I know comprehension can get fuzzy on the board..I was comparing what many mothers through history have done to protect a child. I was responding to a poster who said no matter what she would never be separated from her child..ok..so if the choice is the child dies or is taken anyway, would being separated be the worst thing that could happen. I hope my meaning is more clear now.

And this is more or less a debate thread now that is commenting on Sami vs Nicole fitness as a mother. The questions are rhetorical, not meant as personal stabs. I got reported for posting that taking this stuff as a way of enjoying the show as insulting someone because I said getting upset only enhances the wrinkles. Since the person who reported me has never been seen by me, I have no idea if he or she has wrinkles or not. It was again, a rhetorical statement.
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