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I love the "Cupcakes" segment linked in the first post--I crack up every time I think of Rose saying, "Have you and Miles been . . . baking together?" I also love Betty in the episode where she's trying to get Dorothy's boyfriend, the doctor who came on to Blanche, to come on to her too so they can prove to Dorothy Blanche wasn't lying. Just the way she looks at him and calls him, "doctor man" and he asks her if there's something wrong with her leg--hilarious!

I also love this exchange in the ep where Dorothy just found out the guy she likes is a priest, after she's gotten all dressed up:

Priest (awkwardly): You look lovely tonight.

Dorothy: I look like the mother of a Solid Gold dancer!

And I can never shop for workout clothes without thinking of the clip show ep where the workout instructer is trying to get them to buy sports bras to "minimize jiggle and bounce," and Blanche looks at her in amazement and says, "Yvonne, honey, I think you're missing the whole point of having breasts."

Oh, and I adore the one where Sophia is pretending to be Blanche's grandmother and Blanche is going on and on about their allegedly rustic background and Sophia deadpans, "We was po'."
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