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Mar 20 2009, 11:06 PM
Mar 20 2009, 06:19 PM
Oh good grief! There wouldn't be a baby to steal if it weren't abandoned...no matter what she was doing with her mother's milk. :)
Don't buy it for a second at all. You couldn't pry my newborn from my hands! Sami really sucked in this situation, but however you (oh, and your many others, LOL!) want to see it to make your case is fine with me! Really.

Okaaaay. The Days of Our Lives that I watch clearly showed that Nicole stalked Sami and then inserted herself in the treatment room where the Dr was trying to save the baby's life immediately after Sami gave birth - and was hysterical about her baby's status. As the Dr is treating the newborn Nicole walks right in and preceeds to talk him in to letting her switch the babies so she can have Sami's...as Sami is in the next room pleading to see her baby and find out how she is. Is that the part where you thought she abandoned the baby? Because she didn't hop off the delivery table and storm in to find out what was going on?

I find it interesting that Nicole's supportors waffle between the argument that Sami was intending to abandon her daughter - but when confronted with how callously Nicole treated Mia's baby they claim we should all see that as a sign that Nicole 'trusted' Sami to be a good mother to the baby. :huh: Seriously...which is it? So am I understanding correctly that Nicole thought Sami would abandon the EJamlet - but not Mia's baby, whom she had no idea was not hers? Again - okaaaaay. :unsure:

As far as the awful things all of these characters have done in the past - you'll get no argument from me. But this thread is discussing the current storyline - which is that Nicole has stolen Sami's baby to pass off as her and EJ's and is lying to everyone about it and desperately trying to keep the truth from coming out. Like it or not she IS the villain in this piece. I think she will pay for her crimes to some degree - but like everyone else - not enough to satisfy the most pissed off of fans. Most of us who loathe what she has done here would like to see her go to jail at the very least - but I don't think that will happen. So the likely 'payment' for Nicole in this will be losing what it is she's been fighting for - the wealth and status she would have secured by being EJ's wife and mother to his child. I've never said Nicole does not deserve to be a mother - but I don't think I'm alone in saying that NOBODY deserves to be a mother to a child they have stolen from another family.

As far as chemistry goes - it's completely subjective. I see none between EJ and Nicole. The only time I ever have was way back when when they got drunk together and Sami went to collect EJ. But it was momentary - and I think the result of two actors doing a nice job with the material they were given. EJami's chemistry is off the charts in my opinion but that's not true for .everyone. That's fine. So as fans we all have the right to let TPTB know who and what we like and how we hope the story will turn out. EJami fans have been doing just that for going on three years and will continue to do so. We've certainly weathered worse storms than this one - at least here our couple is being written as the rooting couple. They've both been victimized by Nicole. She has not been a victim in this story to either one of them.

But she was a victim.. she lost a child and was emotionally unstable.
And your right, chemistry is subjective, and usually its subject to which fanbase one belongs to

Nicole was keeping an eye on Sami, worrying about what she might do to ruin her happiness with EJ, but the Idea to switch babies only happened at the last minute when in her mind fate delivered EJ's child on the same day as Mia's, in a desperate attempt to give EJ a baby that was his own flesh and blood.
She had no way of knowing in advance that Sami would deliver the same day as Mia, and she fully intended to keep Mia's baby at first.

Also there are 2 villians here.. I agree that Nicole actions are criminal and cruel.
But Sami's actions are also wrong and cruel, and it will likely cost her custody of her baby once EJ finds out. I dont see him getting past what she did.. She intended to deny him his child.. forever..
He missed the birth, and will claim she put the baby in harms way before and after birth. Including leaving her in a convent and rely on others to care for her (even if it was infact unkown to her to be mia's child)
I believe this will be the catalyst that causes him to hate her and seek to hurt her.

Her actions are no better then Nicoles.
Nicole stole Sami's baby from her. And she is decievng EJ
And Sami stole EJ's baby from him. And she s decieving EJ

They are both in for a world of hurt when EJ and Stephano find out.
Nicoles only lifeline will be that she managed to give EJ the child Sami tried to hide.
And Sami's only excuse will be she was trying to protect her child(From its Dimera criminal family).

I dont think Nicole will be prosecuted, she can always claim she was not aware of the mix up in babies.
She can be held accountable for lying, but she can get around the switch.. Dr Baker wont admit it was deliberate..so it wil be deemed an accident by the law.
Mia gave Nicole her baby willingly, so even there she didnt steal the child.

I believe she will not be charged with any crime.
She may lose as you said the prestige of being EJ's wife and the Dimera name and wealth. And the priviledge of raising Sydney and or Grace.
But I believe Sami will also lose her children (Gianni/Sydney), and maybe even Ali(To Lucas), her actions were deliberate, and she cant claim anything else.
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