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Just because Nicole's plan to steal Sammi's baby was not premeditated, does not make it less of a crime. Carjackers don't have a dateminder in their pockets. This being a Catholic show, leaving your baby with a nun might be considered appropriate. I don't know. I sure wouldn't leave my baby with a Rabbi, but what do I know.

It will come out that Stephano had the Mayor killed so that he could help Lexie (in his warped mind)
Then ordered that any witnesses to the crime be killed. He knows Sammi was a witness. So therefore, E.J. will learn that his father was trying to have the mother of his child, whom he is clearly very fond of, killed. I think E.J. is going to feel betrayed by everyone. The writing so bad, though. Sammi standing next to Stephano at Sydney's christening. Hello! Let's at least try to write material that coincides with the convoluted storyline that you are putting forth. I think before this endless story is over, Mia will become babysitter/nanny to one of the babies. Dr. Baker knows the whole truth. E.J. will get it out of him if the show isn't cancelled first. :D Brady is the only character that makes no sense. Old Brady would have never helped Nicole in an illegal adoption and the deception of E.J. Just would not have. And when Philip laments that his father was never proud of him and always put him down, that's not true. He was very proud of his two tours of duty. I wish this bitch would watch some older footage of this show. I guess that is too much to ask since she doesn't even watch her new footage.
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