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Mar 21 2009, 06:37 AM
Mar 20 2009, 11:06 PM
I find it interesting that Nicole's supportors waffle between the argument that Sami was intending to abandon her daughter - but when confronted with how callously Nicole treated Mia's baby they claim we should all see that as a sign that Nicole 'trusted' Sami to be a good mother to the baby. :huh: Seriously...which is it? So am I understanding correctly that Nicole thought Sami would abandon the EJamlet - but not Mia's baby, whom she had no idea was not hers? Again - okaaaaay. :unsure:

it's not the supporters, it's the writing. i'm sure you remember that the day nicole stole sami's baby she said that she didn't want to leave a kid with sami because was so awful for not wanting her own, and then half an hour later, that she could leave mia's baby with sami because she was a good mother. since then, nicole herself has said pretty much both of those lines again at some point since the kidnapping.

obviously the writers have no clue how nicole feels about sami having mia's baby, so why should any of the rest of us?

I'll give you that - you are absolutely right that they've flipped Nicole's motivations - and in your example, in the same episode! - so it is hard to keep track of where she's coming from.

But Nicole being a victim because she miscarried? That is a tragic event - but she's not a victim. It was just that - a tragedy. The same type of tragedy that millions of women have suffered before her - but that certainly doesn't make it okay to do what she did after the fact.

And as for whether or not Nicole's plan to steal Sami's baby was premeditated - I have to disagree. Remember the scene after Nicole fantasized about murdering a very pregnant Sami in the sanctuary of the convent and then went to see Sr Teresa to set up the whole ploy to make sure that Dr. Baker delivered Sami's baby? Telling her she was trying to help other young mothers 'in her predicament' and gave her the card to the clinic? Clearly Nicole was manipulating the situation. I agree that it would seem unlikely she could have predicted they would deliver on the same day...but then again, these writers don't seem to put much stock in believability. There was a reason for Nicole to be involved in where Sami's baby would be delivered and by whom and it seems to me the only reason would be to make sure that Sami didn't end up with it.

And again, Sami's lie in no way measures up to what Nicole has done. It just doesn't. Their motives are completely different and Sami has a right to her own baby - Nicole has no right to anyone's. Is Sami wrong to keep the truth from EJ? Absolutely - she is. But this nonsense that Nicole has given EJ the 'gift' of having access to his own daughter is complete hog wash - I don't buy for one minute that was her primary motive. If so - why didn't she simply tell EJ that Sami was pregnant and hiding that fact when she found out? Nicole wants Sami's baby because she can't stand the idea of Sami sharing another child with EJ - and she also knows that if push ever comes to shove and a paternity test is demanded (by Mia coming back to claim her child) it will prove the baby belongs to EJ. It's just more leverage to keep her lies hidden.

Now I will be pleasantly stunned if in the end they actually have Nicole come out and admit the truth - that she has known all along that the baby she claims is hers is actually Sami and EJ's daughter. It would be a way to try to redeem Nicole somewhat in the eyes of the audience - and I'm sure they will want to redeem her eventually. Only time will tell, I suppose.
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