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I gotta agree with Soccer Mom on that one. I had forgotten about Nicole's interactions at the convent. As to Nicole admitting to everything, are there enough hours in the day for each and every lie she has told E.J. ? She opens her mouth and it is a lie. Everytime she goes out she tells a lie about where she is going. She lies so much that I think she believes her own bullshit. Perhaps she believes that baby-switching is not a terrible crime. It is a horrible crime, and an awful thing to do to a child to boot. I hope she gets life in prison. She likes to justify everything she does. But she is beyond pathetic. The sad thing is that if she had been honest with E.J. and told him she miscarried, he probably would have loved her all the more. Now, she has lost him forever. And he sure as hell doesn't look at Nicole the way he looks at Sammi. I think Sammi should have told E.J. about the pregnancy. My excuse would have been, "I was on my way to tell you when I was shot at and witnessed a murder. I went directly into the witness protection program. I assumed you were out looking for the killer so that I could come home. Instead, I receive a phone call where you tell me that you are moving on with Nicole and you are a family now. I was very hurt, and couldn't imagine telling you about my pregnancy...so that you might be with me because you feel sorry for me. I want it all to come out. Just like it did with Stan. Sammi was persona non-grata for about a week if I recall.
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