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Monday, March 23rd
Tony and Nicole overhear Sami say she's going to adopt a baby; Brady and Rafe meet for the first time at the Brady Pub; Kate tells the newlyweds she's unhappy that they got married without telling her; Chelsea is impressed with Max's handling of Theo.

Tuesday, March 24th
Bo finally sees that the man in his vision with Hope is Roman; Lucas defends Chloe and urges Kate to trust her; Daniel pays Brady a visit; Philip meets Tony on the pier and offers to buy the formula back.

Wednesday, March 25th
Victor fires Philip from Titan; Nicole tells Brady that Tony knows about her fake pregnancy; Hope tries to find out what's wrong with Bo; Chelsea senses that something is bothering her dad.

Thursday, March 26th
Sami and Rafe share a meaningful kiss before bringing Grace home from the convent; Daniel congratulates Chloe on her marriage; Nicole confronts Mia about telling Tony the truth; Philip and Brady square off and Philip tells Brady he was fired.

Friday, March 27th
Tony and Philip have a violent struggle on the pier; Chloe feels nauseous and is not happy when she checks her calendar; Sami asks Rafe to be Grace's godparent; Bo lies to Hope about his visions.
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