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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

I honestly think that in the end EJ will forgive Sami, and they will end up back together. I remember reading something abut Dena Hackley saying EJami was the endgame. If she's still writing I expect EJ to be mad at Sami for three episodes, and then come to her and say they should raise their children together.

As for Nicole, the worst that will happen to her is EJ/Stefano angry at her. She won't go to prison, at the very least a way out would be that she had temporary insanity after the tragedy of losing the real EJole baby, and she will get off free. Then she and Brady will probably end up a couple, since Brady says that he's in love with her.

BTW, I'm still wondering how Brady fell in love with Nicole, because I remember before KL left as Brady, he called Nicole a manipulative and conniving bitch, and told her to move the hell out of the Kiriakis Mansion. If that's love I hope I never find "the one".
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