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Well I think its only natural that Ejami's believe EJ will forgive Sami for trying to deny him access or knowldge that he had a child... I mean otherwise if he doesnt forgive her they dont get their happy ending.. So it does not matter to them how horrible it is , all things must point to Ejami, even forgiving the unforgivable.

I will admit that Nicole wanted to know what was happening with Samis baby, her first visit was mostly to see for heself, But she had no way of knowing Sami's plans.. and I think that was the problem, she needed to know what Sami was planning with the baby.. But I dont think at first she intended to switch .. Steal Sami's baby maybe but not switch, she didnt know when it would be born.

This whole Baby storyline was rediculous so its no surprise we have so many conflicting opinons.
I dont think the writers even thought it out, so now its a huge mess.
Sami stands to lose custody of her child, and might also lose a baby she has come to love as her own. Nicole lost her baby (Which ive never understood) and now stands to lose the baby she has come to love, as well as possibly losing the man she loves.
I dont think she will be prosecuted because there is no way they can prove she knew about the switch.
And I dont think EJ will just forgive Sami .. No excuse will matter to him, I know it wouldnt matter to me. And I know it wont matter to Stephano.
The plain truth is Sami isnt safe with the Dimera's .. and EJ .. no matter what will always choose to be a Dimera.

BUT .... We will see, the story will play out and somebody will get their wish.
I think its "Safe" to say who Im rooting for . :)
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