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Mar 22 2009, 12:20 AM
Mar 17 2009, 07:34 PM
Or best scenario for me is that Sami finds out, at the same time Nicole is accused of Tony's killing and since the motive will be uncovered it will be charged as 1st degree murder, she is convicted, and the death row thing plays out, but at the very last second, Brady gets an old time mafioso to confess to doing it, thereby saving Nicole so she can come out and start up bugging Victor by falliing in love with Brady, the man who believed in her...and that man is not EJ.

LOL .. And then you woke up right ??
Why would Nicole be charged with Tony's "Murder" ? Philip was the one brawling with him, from what Ive read his death is an accident..and she is the one who calls 911.. she is simply a witness and bystander.
How would that turn into a 1st degree murder conviction?

Where do people come up with some of these things ?[/b]
People come up with these things because it is a soap board where people are allowed free reign with their thoughts, do you have a problem with that?

And as to how Nicole could be accused of murder is if when she sneaks into his room per spoilers she does something to the life support system which results in his death, it would be murder which involves premeditation, which is grounds for first degree murder convictions..especially on a soap. Nowis that clear enough for you to figure out how people come up with these things? Really, it would be nice to think before you come up with insulting posts. And if you did not mean to be insulting, then I accept your apology,a nd if I made you feel stupid, I apologize as well.
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