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Mar 22 2009, 07:46 PM
Mar 22 2009, 06:49 PM
Which is more pitiful: Soap writers living in 1950s America ("I have to have a man to be happy") or the sappy Rihanna-ish fanwankers who eat it all up ("Oh, please, let them be together, as long as the man rescues the helpless female, is always right, is always in charge and puts his woman in her place")


Maybe someday this century we will actually get a strong, independent woman, or egad -- maybe a true adult relationship between equals.
Well that won't be Sami and Rafe then, cos from what they've shown so far of Rafe's character, Sami could run rings around him in her sleep.

For them to be equals Rafe would need to be more than one dimensional.
I agree with this! When Rafe first came on the scene I though ok Galen is going to play this role and I thought perhaps he and Ali could have the chemistry to pull this off. They are said to be friends and Ali was excited about this pairing - so what the heck and then after months and months of just the two of them and there was zero chemistry, zero sparks I knew at that point that this paring just did not have the chemistry at all. If they continue with this love story It will be a secondary story at best.
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