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Mar 22 2009, 06:49 PM
Which is more pitiful: Soap writers living in 1950s America ("I have to have a man to be happy") or the sappy Rihanna-ish fanwankers who eat it all up ("Oh, please, let them be together, as long as the man rescues the helpless female, is always right, is always in charge and puts his woman in her place")


Maybe someday this century we will actually get a strong, independent woman, or egad -- maybe a true adult relationship between equals.
Awesome post, dool!
I was just thinking this week that the show could really use a strong, successful, in control business woman who blows all of these men off to do her thing.
I mean, we have the Kiriakises men in control with their big business playing the helpless women or hiring the helpless women. Then we have the big Dimera men with their empires supporting the hell out of all of these women while using all of them as "heir machines"...Stefano's (and EJ's to some extent) desire to have heirs to the empire makes me sick. Who do these guys think they are??

Where is the woman who DOESN'T exist to be a baby machine or a man's conscience?

Kate had potential, yet the last thing she did with her Hearth and Home (what the fuck does Kate know about hearths or homes?) was to sleep with Stefano to get the money.

They need a rich 30 something woman to come in as competition for the Dimeras/Kiriakises...then watch her blow off EJ and Phillip and Brady's attempts to seduce her to get their way...then watch her take over a portion of one of their companies, etc.
And in this whole process, she neither gets pregnant, gets rescued or gets fooled.

Oh, and as far as Safe, all I can say is that I find AS selling Safe more than I see her selling EJami. She looks like she is trying hard to make the eyes are Rafe. I don't like her with either man, and I am still waiting for her to take her maternity leave.
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