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This is getting so predictable

Ejami fans= "I dont like Safe, Safe has no chemistry, *Something is wrong with Rafe* Ejami is end game" .. blah blah blah .. Over and over
Safe fans= "Cant stand Ejami, Sami and Rafe are falling in love, Rafe and Sami have great chemistry, Rafe is good for Sami" blah blah blah.. over and over.

Does it ever end ? Its obvious, Ejami's refuse to like Safe.. and find and create all kinds of reason why it wont work, and cant see Sami with anyone but EJ.
And Safe fans Dont ever see Ejami as endgame and think Safe is great together, very romantic and the next supercouple.

No amount of insults about EJ or Rafe from either side is going to change anyones minds.
Ughhhh.. lets just agree to disagree and see what happens.
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