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Mar 22 2009, 08:31 PM
Mar 22 2009, 06:14 PM
Mar 22 2009, 04:10 PM
It's all in the eye of the beholder because I fast-forward through the Ejami scenes to get to Safe! :wub:
It is my opinion to have a fair opinion not blinded by bias that you should watch it all. To have a creditable opinion that is.
But my dear you mistake me. I did watch the Ejami scenes the second time around and it just confirmed that it was the right idea to fast-forward them. :lol: although that slap she gave him was the best part of those scenes. It just seems to be the same thing around and around she says stay out of my life, move on, butt out and he ignores her.... she doesn't want him digging in her life but he's going digging anyway.. :sleep:
thank u!!! too bad these ejami fans dont take that true story to both their head and heart because its true! she slaps her she punches him she yells she screams and what does he do? even after he lands a "all i want is u me booze :drunk: and a bed" woman and lands 3 kids he still f-in chases after her!!! ugh! how can anyone like that british ugly a** digging rude insensitive jerk like ej?! he and sami are 2 different worlds.and rafe is JUST what sami needs! a guy who ISNT afraid to stick up to her and a guy who can unravel any web she weeves and a guy who is sensitive to comfort her and a guy (who also we see shirtless more!) who worries for her and MOST IMPORTANTLY ISNT A DIMERA.NOW A SPOILER I READ!!!
*clears throat* after rafe and sami make up and kiss since rafe is now much anti dimera as sami its time for them to take on the dimeras together...
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lets see ej take on RAFE.and lets see nicole take on sami...for a few more days since she is NOT becoming a dimera.
hahahahahahahahhah bye bye ej because ur goin DOWWWWWN!
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