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This week's SOD features an interview with Joe Mascolo, and this week's SOW features an interview with Ari Zucker.

Stefano, EJ and Nicole are together at the hospital after Tony's accident, and Nicole goes into Tony's room without anyone seeing her. Zucker laughs and explains that "you're not sure if she's there to kill him or not. I mean, it's not like she hasn't tried to kill someone before." In the hospital room, Nicole tells Tony to keep quiet about Sydney, and she threatens him that she will tell EJ and Stefano about Tony's fight with Philip.

Daniel then finds Nicole in Tony's room and asks her to leave. Tony starts to write a note to EJ, while Hope questions Nicole about exactly what she saw on the pier. Zucker explains to SOW that Nicole stalls when she's talking to Hope, because Nicole doesn't want to pick a side until she knows whether Tony's going to make it.

Nicole then goes back in Tony's hospital room, and she sees him trying to write a note. As Zucker says, "Nicole sees Tony writing something and is like, 'Oh s--t!' But then Tony's monitors start going off."

Tony dies, and Stefano is "devastated", says Mascolo. Mascolo explains that Tony was "doing something that as far as Stefano was concerned was betraying the family", and Stefano told Tony that he wished Tony were dead, and then when Tony does die, "it becomes a source of total remorse for Stefano, and he can't forgive himself for the things he said."

Stefano thinks that Tony was murdered and that for Tony to die the way he did could not have been an accident. As Mascolo says, Stefano "vows that whoever had anything to do with Tony's death, they're going to pay one way or the other".

Nicole then gives Hope her statement. Zucker says that "Nicole is so tired of lying that this one time she just wants to tell the truth." Nicole tells Hope that Tony's fall was an accident, and then Nicole goes to talk with Philip, and he agrees not to tell anyone about whatever Nicole and Brady are up to.

However, Stefano sees Nicole talking to Philip, and he tells her she lied to the police, just as she lied about going to the convent. Mascolo says that "[Stefano] had suspicions about her from day one, and he's trying to get to the bottom of it." But then EJ stands up for Nicole, and he tells Stefano that he believes her. EJ is not happy that Nicole backed up Philip's account of things, however, since he thinks Nicole should have been loyal to the DiMeras.

Nicole then asks EJ if he thinks their wedding should be called off, and he says yes! Zucker says that "EJ says he wants to think about it, and it freaks Nicole out. All of the work she's done, whether it's right or wrong, has been to make this perfect little family. And now it might not happen."

Things go from bad to worse for Nicole when she then takes little Sydney to a doctor's visit and finds Dr. Baker there! Zucker says "as soon as Nicole clears things up in one place, something else comes up... Dr. Baker knows everything, and Nicole doesn't want him to say anything."

And as for Stefano? He plans to destroy the Kiriakis family. Mascolo explains: "[Stefano] is now left with one son, Elvis, and Alexandra, but they always have problems. As far as he's concerned, the Kiriakises have to pay for this."

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