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This week's SOW features an interview with Nadia Bjorlin.

SOW asks Bjorlin what Chloe's thoughts are on "possibly being pregnant". Bjorlin laughs and answers: "I'm such a whore! That's what she's thinking." She continues that Chloe is nervous because she just got married, "probably for the wrong reasons", and she also wants to forget about her affair with Daniel. However, "this throws a wrench into that plan. She might have to deal with the consequences of her actions."

Chloe plans to take a home pregnancy test, but then Kate arrives before Chloe is able to take the test. Kate wants to offer Chloe a job hosting a TV talk show. Chloe tells Kate that she'll consider it but since she just got married, she wants to spend time with Lucas, Will and Allie.

But then, Kate knocks over Chloe's purse, and the pregnancy test falls out! As Bjorlin explains, "Kate's like, 'Noooo!' There's a double meaning. Kate says Chloe can't host a TV show if she's pregnant, but what she's really thinking is that if Chloe's pregnant with her grandchild, she can't move forward with her plot to kill her."

Lucas comes home, and Kate tells him that Chloe might be pregnant. Chloe goes to take the pregnancy test, but then she comes out of the bathroom and tells them that the test is defective. Kate and Lucas are called away to deal with Philip and Tony, and Chloe goes to get another test. She takes it and finds out she is not pregnant. She is relieved but also disappointed, and as Bjorlin says, "The audience is left to wonder if [the disappointment] is because she's not pregnant with Lucas's child or Daniel's."

When Lucas arrives home, Chloe tells him the results of the test, and he calls Kate to tell her. Bjorlin says that Chloe has no idea that Kate plans to kill her: "As far as [Chloe and Daniel] know, no one but Maggie knows they had an affair, and she promised not to tell anyone."

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