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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Mar 26 2009, 11:46 AM
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I know as a Lumi fan, myself, I have been THRILLED with my payoff. :huh:
Oh yeah, and in what alternate universe do all soap opera characters have to pay consequences for their actions, and how could JS of all people say that with a straight face? :o
If you read the quote he said that there are always consequences and that ultimately they realize the consequences of their actions. He did not say "pay" in the sense they like go to prison or even get caught for that matter - but that there are consequnces. For EJ well...EJ got shot and was paralzed - plus as he said to Stefano when Stefano was in a coma that because of what he did for Stefano being his obedient soldier that the women he loves, Sami will never love him. So I guess consequences come in different ways. And from what TC said had Hogan continued as HW EJ was possible going to go to prison - that storyline was pitched anyway - but as you all know different writers came in and instead of EJ going to prison he got Nicole instead. Some would say that is a consequence for his sins! :wink:
:lol: Great post! Prison or Nicole?? Prison or Nicole?? Tough call... ;)

I agree that he was speaking in general terms about consequences - and he is also very clear that this is just his take on things. Who knows how it will turn out - but it's nice to hear him say that TPTB are aware of what a signficant fan base EJami has and he doesn't think it will be overlooked. It mirrors other comments he has made in the past, as well. I am disappointed to hear it sounds like the baby switch thing will continue on for a while...I was hoping we were closing in on the reveal, but perhaps not.

His comments about poor EJ not getting any were pretty funny, too. :D
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