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Good interview.

I've been in the minority since it started on this but I don't see what is so stupid about the fuels project. Nick, Trent, and Max developed it. Melanie basically inherited it. It's no different then an 18 year old girl being left a ton of money in a will. The show never tried to portray her as some shrewd businesswomen. She got consumed by greed and tried to play both sides and now she is paying for it. She has nothing.

EJ used and manipulated her. Tony did the same. Philip gave Melanie the benefit of the doubt and was heavily influenced by Stephanie in how he made decisions and what not. No one looked bad. The story set up the Kiriakis/Dimera feud. It provided an exit arc for Tony. It tied Nicole's story to Philip a bit. It set up great conflict for Philip/Stephanie and Philip/Victor. It looks to be giving Stefano more to do. The story was clearly a means to an end. Just looking at spoilers we already have Melanie working at the hospital and the emphasis no longer on the fuels project but rather on Tony's death. The fuels project was all part of setting up a big story. It's all about the long-term vision. Just like Kate's cancer set up the Lucas/Chloe/Daniel stuff. It's part of the big picture. I doubt we will be hearing much, if anything at all, about the fuels project in another month.

That is what I love most about the show right now. There is a direction and a long-term vision. The show hasn't had this feel in years. You sense everything is building to something. I love it.

As for it being implausible, I can see why someone would think that but is it really? People said Bo having visions after a fall was but there is a doctor who deals with this field in SOD this week saying it is possible. None of us really knows and every day there is something in the news that makes us go "Wow, how could that have happened?" As I explained above, it's really not that implausible at all and the fuels project actually ties in with current real life issues. Let's also remember too that this same show had Austin and a very young Sami with very little education working at and even running divisions at Titan.

It goes back to what James advised people to do...sometimes you just have to roll with it. That is not to say you accept anything thrown out there or that anyone should just let it go. However, even the most realistic shows and films require some suspending of disbelief. That is part of the escapism. It's entertainment. Realism and escapism have to be at play and escapism comes in large part from some of the things that require an element of suspending disbelief.

Just look back at some of the biggest stories on soaps. Look back at some of Days' biggest stories. The Kristen/Susan baby switch, the possession, Aremid, the many adventures in the 80's, etc. Look back at some of the biggest stories on GH. What about OLTL with the time travel? As James said, sometimes you just have to throw reality out the window if you want to truly enjoy something. If not, that's fine too. There will always be a story or twist or something that comes along where the viewer has to make the choice of whether they will just sit back and ride with it or will simply ignore it and fast forward or whatever the case may be. Most of the time it depends on whether the story in question will lead us to something we want. That plays a big role.

I have to say Fairman gives great interviews and James was great. He does have alot going on story-wise. I do think he is right that the show tries to please fans of the characters and I think it's much easier now with the current cast and state of the show. However, you can't please everyone and, thankfully, the show seems to finally understand that. I figured he was sad about losing Thaoo. I think Thaoo's exit will leave a hole because he's actually getting a pretty damn good exit arc that ties in with his story of always being the one to escape Stefano and to make a Dimera legacy he can be proud of. J&M and S&K got shit but Thaoo is getting a good arc and it will be hard to adjust to things without him after the past few weeks. Thaoo always seems to get really good exit stories LOL.
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