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Okay Kenny and I brought this one up in another thread and I had to post it lol.

Dorthy and Rose are writing a song about Miami.

Dorthy: (singing) "Miami is nice so I'll say it twice... Miami is nice ... Miami is nice... Miami is nice... wait you put in a extra Miami is nice"

Rose: "I had to it hurts the music if you don't put it in."

Dorthy: "Yeah but the lyrics don't make any sense. I mean it says Miami is nice so I'll say it TWICE!

Rose: "Ohh I see your point. What about this, Miami is nice so I'll say it thrice..."

Dorthy: "Thrice? Who the HELL says thrice"

Rose: "Its a word!"

Dorthy: "So is intrauterine... it does not belong in a song!"
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