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Mar 27 2009, 02:02 PM
Mar 27 2009, 11:00 AM
BURBANK: SOAPnet has extended its deal with Sony Pictures Television to air same-day episodes of Days of Our Lives, along with scoring the digital streaming rights.

Hmm, I wonder if SoapNet is going to start streaming the ABC soaps, along with DAYS and Y&R online.
I wonder the same thing. It would seem that way.

Only problem I have with that is it could hurt the show's ratings. Although Days is posted in many places online, sometimes even a day ahead, so it may not have much affect.

This is funny though. When Days was struggling ratings-wise and Soapnet kept moving it around, people kept saying how Soapnet would dump it when the contract was up because there was no way it was doing well. Well, the show must be doing something right. My thinking is the fact that the show is much younger and fresher now and I still thinks Frons is salivating at the thought of having Days one day, especially now that it's ratings are better then all it's shows and the show's costs have drastically reduced. He probably made this move in line with that thinking so he could make a play for them when the contract with NBC is up. Remember there were rumors that AMC was nearly a goner and that they waited to see what happened with Days. Not saying I want it to happen but I can see it.

Also, people thought Days was a goner for the past two years and it's still here and on a ratings upswing. It's done something no soap has done in the last few years in that it's bringing back a pretty noticeable audience. At the same time, it's gotten younger and cut costs. It's actually become quite the viable package for someone. Corday can shop this show around now and will get offers. I think Days easily brought themselves another few years, at least. If they could survive the past few years, nothing is out of the question. It seems the more people complain or count them out, the better they do LOL.

There is also that quote from Bruce Evans from NBC that was posted in that article in the Breaking News section. He said he didn't want Days to go down on his watch since it was all they really had in daytime other then Today. There is also Alison Sweeney. I think TBL doing well and her being on Days helps ALOT.

I really don't understand why people feel the show is a goner in 2010. Not saying it won't be but the situation for Days has improved immensely so it's not even close to being an open and shut case.
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