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Mar 25 2009, 12:38 PM
Meh. I'd enjoy this more if I didn't think Stefano was a little bitch on account of the whole Santo/Colleen/feud origins storyline. He's kind of pathetic and irritating to me now. Also, my first reaction is "for fuck's sake, dude, you didn't even really like Tony so why are you all pissy about it?"

Still, this could play out alright taken in the context of what we're given and not what was advertised, and it has people who are interesting to watch when they want to be.
Px - this post is awesome. There is something about Stefano that irks me, and I think it has to do with the absolute stupidity of the origins of the hatred and torture of the Bradys, not even knowing that John Black was a Brady. And then, his little temper tantrum Sami type flip flop about Tony - "Tony I love you. You are my son!" then two seconds later "You are nothing to me, Tony. I'll make you pay, you traitor". What a friggin pussy! Not to mention, he locked Tony away for 20 years without a second thought...am I supposed to believe that he cares that much for him now???

Stefano is a shell of his former bad ass self...and I really don't think he will do anything to the Kiriakises that compares to his past. I doubt he will lock Victor up in a secret room, or brainwash Phillip...all for an accident with Tony. He'll probably go after Nicole for telling the truth, yet being a "traitor".

Not to mention, for being the most disturbing death scene in awhile, it is sad that TP had to go out that way. Pretty silly and unnecessary. I wish he were just written out like Payla.

However, I am excited to see what happens when EJ and Nicole call off the wedding, and where they go from there...and how Dr. Baker will return to the scene.
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