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Mar 29 2009, 08:18 PM
Mar 29 2009, 08:15 PM
I'm sorry, I've never seen an actor so full of himself and so bitter. Does he think everyone is out to get him!? He comes back time and time again, so I'm not sure why he is still so surprised by what ends up happening.

Thanks for posting :)
Why can't he just say, My ending sucked, but now I'm gone so who cares.

The End.

That's my feeling too. What Kirk said also falls in line with my feelings. The JER stuff is beyond tiresome.

I like Thaoo. He's a talented actor who I will miss, especially after the past few weeks. The material and writing for him has made me feel like he could fit well in the current state of things. He has every right to bitch about the sendoff and changes being made. That isn't the issue for me, even if I disagree on some points. I just feel like it's beating a dead horse in regards to Tomlin being behind it (since we all know that is who he blames) and the whole JER thing. We get it LOL.

I almost feel like he is just trying to stir the pot to keep his name out there, just like it was mentioned somewhere he hopes he gets on the Emmy ballot. I don't think it's simply about his work but more about keeping himself relevant and getting his name out there. He isn't stupid. SN, MBE, Drake, and Dee are having no luck. He knows you have to make sure people remember you or else you have no chance at all so another Emmy nod and drawing attention to himself will help. It's actually pretty smart and I don't necessarily have a problem with it. It just bothers me because I feel like it's no longer about just sharing his feelings with the fans but more about himself and the future.

I was also bothered by the whole Drake and Dee thing. I don't know why but it came off a bit melodramatic for me. I get the whole "end of a era" thing and how Thaoo feels the "old" Days is gone but it just came off as too much IMO.

I don't know. I feel like I did through the whole J&M situation where the topic didn't go away for months and was even still around for a little while after. I'm ready to just move on with the show being so great right now. That's just me. Again, I like Thaoo and applaud him for his talent and how he is so open with his fans. I just wish he went about things a little differently.
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