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How can they have a tender/awkward moment where she presses a cloth to the minimal amount of blood (or applies a compress for the swelling) and he winces and she apologizes and they catch each other's eye...whatever- how can they do that if he's not shirtless after the beatdown?

I kind of love that. They're hitting on a true soap cliche, it seems. If they can manage to play it on the borderline of sincere/parody I'll be all over that shit.

I love these spoilers, actually. Random violence, most likely with no real consequences and a cheap-ass explanation that they'll reveal someday as though it's some Shocking Twist all as part of a new feud over a random project and the death of someone nobody in town much cared about? Hell yes, writers. More like that, please.

I could watch these people get shot, stabbed, beat up, blown up, run down all day long.

Thanks for posting!

ETA: also awesome: Max's 16th potential love interest! Woo!
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