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Viewing Single Post From: Thaao Penghlis posted in his guestbook, March 29th
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Mar 30 2009, 10:48 PM
Mar 30 2009, 07:01 PM
Some people deserve to be bitter. Everyone on that fucking show should be bitter at having to serve up the empty, soulless crap that the writers put on their platters.

Also @ the people telling him to get over it: Remember, he's actually been a part of this show for years. To be unceremoniously killed off the show after them not really doing anything with him of note for the past few months, well. Let him have his bitch. Just because he has disagreements over how he was used doesn't mean he's full of himself.
The guy has come back time and time again to the show. Everyone is so "proud" of him for being "real." Why is he so surprised? His exits are always awful. And to top it off, it always comes off as if it's personal and that people are out to get him. If he had so much dignity, he wouldn't return everytime he is asked back. What is this, the 4th time he has been fired?
Thank you! Seriously, the show has proven four times, that when there is a creative upheaval or when times get tough, Tony is trimmed off the cast.
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