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Viewing Single Post From: Thaao Penghlis posted in his guestbook, March 29th
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Mar 30 2009, 11:17 PM
It's not like he was saying this to a media outlet, though. It was on his own damn website, for God's sakes, LoL! He should be able to say whatever he wants there without people getting into a snit about it.
I think that some of what he says is stupid and he sounds like a super paranoid egomaniac from time to time, but like you said, it's his personal website.

At the same time, he can't expect to say things (whether it's on his site or in a magazine) without people having an opinion about it.

I generally just don't pay too much attention to what Thaao says, LoL. More often than not, he says the same thing over and over and over...

"Tony is great... yadda, yadda... JER sucks... yadda, yadda... Tomlin is a JER clone... yadda, yadda... me love Leann... yadda, yadda... Greek bullshit... yadda, yadda... younger characters have no maturity... yadda, yadda... Marlena's the killer... yadda, yadda... yay Emmy... yadda, yadda... jerkoff."
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