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Mar 30 2009, 10:26 AM
Mar 30 2009, 08:14 AM
Please, God, don't let things be heading where I think they might be heading with Brady and Melanie...
Where do you think they are heading?

You mean a future triangle with mother and daughter fighting over the same man not knowing they are related? ;)

I really think people needs to stop making big conclusions just because two characters are in the scene together, especially with DAYS and its limited cast.

I also doubt the new girl is for Max. She is a new waitress in a Pub so she is interacting with him of course, but thatīs probably it. From the little I read about her she is there mainly to build Rafe and his mysterious past.

Anyway, good scoops. Thanks a lot!
Ordinarily, I would agree Jane but Brady and Melanie recently had some scenes at the Cheatin Heart and on the pier where he comforted her and took her out to relax and it screamed chemistry testing. I think Mason is right on this. It also had an element of building to something more to it and now you have these scenes, which scream "relationship-building" to me. The whole tending to his wounds thing is such a classic soap cliche and I don't mind a possible Brady/Melanie coupling. Then again, I didn't mind Philip/Melanie and it adds a new element to the Stephanie/Philip/Melanie stuff. I just wish they would work on developing the drama between Philip, Melanie, and Stephanie more before bringing Brady into it but whatever. They do need to give Brady more to do as far as purpose goes and I love the idea of Nicole and Melanie sparring over Melanie's involvement with Brady.

I had a feeling the new girl was for Max. I don't doubt she will be tied to Rafe (the Sami/Max scenes could work in favor of that happening since the girl will be working at the Pub) but her coming on shortly after hearing Max would get a new love interest and this all should be taking place around the time Chelsea is leaving. It all seems to fit. Plus, she is working at the Pub. Can't wait to see her and Max/Sami should be good character interaction.

I love the sound of the Kiriakis/Dimera war stuff. I'm happy to see actual action and drama. I was worried they would go a little too soft with it but it's clear this will awaken the real dark side of Stefano. This is a real war and it's already getting violent. I love this and I really hope they continue to stay the course. Major potential here IMO. I can't wait to see the Philip/Stephanie scenes surrounding him getting shot.

The wedding should be can't miss too and with Sami and Mia around there will be lots of suspense. Days is working good for the start of sweeps with the wedding and the Kiriakis/Dimera war stuff.

Thanks for the scoops, OBK. You were missed and not just for your scoops. Your presence was missed. I hope you are doing ok and it's good to have you back :smile: .
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