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Mar 30 2009, 05:28 PM
Is Philip going to be jealous of Brady/Melanie? If so, I love this SL.

Thanks OBK :)

(just wish we had some info on Dan/Chloe/Lucas)

Oh my Leah, don't get me all excited!LOL. Yea, I see them setting up a Philip/Melanie/Stephanie/Brady quadrangle, definately. We have already had Melanie and Brady in scenes together, and this one with Melanie taking care of Brady's wounds will be more intimate and "soapy". And we have already heard characters say that deep down Philip DOES have feelings for Mel. He is just ACTING like he hates her. Actually I think it's going to turn into a summer storyline with the four of them on the run. Philip and Brady will need to get out of Salem, and they will end up taking Melanie and Stephanie with them. Such a DAYS thing to do... I guess I could suffer a full summer of Stephanie(ugh) if it means seeing Philip getting jealous over Brady/Melanie. Love me some Philip/Melanie.
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