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Galen Gering is interviewed in this week's SOW.

Sami tells Rafe she's changed her mind regarding Grace. She's talked to Sister Theresa, and she's realized her baby needs a father, so she's decided to tell EJ that he's the father. Gering says that this happens "after Rafe has invested all this thought and time and formulated a plan to keep Grace safe". Rafe tells Sami that it's not a good idea to tell EJ he's the father, for the same reasons that Sami has used in the past, such as the DiMera family.

Sami then tells Rafe that it's not his decision to make, it's hers. Gering says "it makes Rafe feel like crap, like he isn't really that important to Sami or part of her life at all".

Rafe leaves angrily, and Caroline comes to visit Sami. Their conversation turns to the fact that Caroline regrets having kept Bo's paternity a secret.

Rafe, meanwhile, goes to talk to Sister Theresa. He meets Sister Agnes, and she tells him that Sister Theresa only suggested to Sami what was in Sami's heart to begin with.

Rafe goes back to see Sami, and they apologize to each other. He tells her that the two of them "just don't work" and that neither of them is to blame; "it's just a complicated situation." Sami tells Rafe she needs him, but then Rafe tells Sami she loves EJ.

As Gering says, "Sami says that's BS. She tells Rafe he's crazy - that if she was in love with EJ, she wouldn't be there with him." Rafe doesn't believe her, though. Gering says that Rafe is having a hard time, because his heart is telling him that Sami is "amazing" and that he loves her and she loves him, and that he might never feel like this again. But "his head is telling him to go. He's been through this before. It's a really difficult situation, and there's no way he can win."

Rafe then gets a job and a plane ticket to leave Salem. Gering says, "things are looking bleak."

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