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Please link to DR.

Jay Kenneth Johnson is interviewed in this week's SOD, and Shelley Hennig is interviewed in this week's SOD and SOW.

Stephanie and Philip run into Stefano, and Stefano blames Philip for Tony's death. Stephanie tells Stefano she's so sorry for his loss, and she tries to smooth things over between Stefano and Philip. However, Philip tells Stefano that he should be ashamed of himself for having driven Tony to take such desperate measures.

Stefano leaves, and Philip tells Stephanie that he and Tony had something in common, which is that each needed to emerge from his father's shadow. Philip says he's decided to move out of the mansion, and Stephanie tells Philip he can move in with her. As Johnson says, "Stephanie knows he's going through a lot and he doesn't have anywhere else to go." He continues, laughing, "even though he does have more money than anyone in Salem."

The two go to Stephanie's apartment and things get passionate, but then Victor comes by before they can make love. Victor offers Philip his job back, and he asks Philip to come home. Stephanie is upset at this, since as Hennig says, "she just wants him to be his own person." Stephanie begs Philip not to take Victor up on his offer. Hennig explains, "If Philip says yes to his father, Steph takes that as saying no to her... When Philip says he's going back to work at Titan, Steph tells him to leave. It's emotional and difficult for both of them."

Philip leaves, but then Chelsea tells Stephanie to, as SOW says, "fight for the man she loves". Stephanie goes to the mansion, but Philip tells her to leave, because he doesn't think it's safe for her to be there. But then, as Hennig says, "Steph says, 'If you want me to leave, you're going to have to make me.' Then she kisses Philip, and they're back together."

Stephanie goes back to her apartment to discuss things with Chelsea, but then she walks in on Chelsea and Max about to make love! Hennig says that "it's really embarrassing, especially because Max and Steph used to be together." Max asks Stephanie if she and Philip broke up. Stephanie tells Max that "things are good" between Philip and her, but then as Hennig says, "Max jumps up and is like, 'Are you crazy?'"

Max is worried that Stephanie might not be safe because of Stefano's plans for revenge. But Hennig explains that Stephanie won't leave Philip. "Why would she leave him now, when he needs her most? Plus, Steph is completely in love with Philip."

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