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Apr 1 2009, 11:27 AM
Thanks for posting!

I was wondering about that payment for a prenom thing, too.

Technically Tony has never died before, right? That was always Andre because Tony was held captive on an island or something for 20+ years by his father (who is now devastated)- isn't that the last word on things? So, y'know...maybe he could hold onto that. It's really only dying once as this character. Until they tell us it's Andre again.
I was just about to say the same thing.

The only other time he exited as Tony was when he disappeared in the fog in 1985 and I guess you can say many presumed him dead because of that but that was hardly anything hostile. It was Andre who died at Maison Blanche. Andre who died during the SSK story. Andre who died in October 2007 after pulling his own plug. I don't know where he gets six deaths unless he is counting when he got a knife to the throat during the end of the Melaswen shit. Either way, that was Andre too so I'm pretty sure he just means in general how many times it's happened. I do agree it looks hostile in regards to how they deal with him.

Unlike his post on his site, I saw no problem with these comments. Obviously, he was asked to be interviewed but I thought he expressed himself in a much better manner here. Maybe it's because alot of this he already said in postings on his site. I don't blame him for being upset though and I'm glad he's moving on. I think that's good because I would rather they just leave both Tony and Andre dead at this point.

The whole ballot thing is the only thing that stuck out to me here that bothers me. He mentioned it before but I still feel like it's an egotistical thing to do and that the biggest motivation behind it is to use it in a way so people remember him and it keeps his name out there after he leaves. It helps his employment chances, in other words. Thaoo is not stupid. He knows the economy and the situation and he sees that Dee, Drake, MBE, and SN aren't getting bites so he's just trying to take care of himself. So, I guess, I don't feel it's a bad thing. It still bothers me for some reason but the cast did support it so I can't really say it makes him look bad or that it was an awful thing to do. I've just never heard of that being done like that before in secret like that but, like I said, the cast went along with it so it's nothing for me to get upset about.
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