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SOW Spoilers

Week of April 13th

- Mia learns about Nicole's past.
- Sami wants to tell EJ the truth.
- Kate furthers her plan.
- Melanie and Brady kiss.

**UPDATED 4/3**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Sami tries to get it together after Rafe walks out on her; Nicole stops Stefano and EJ from cancelling the wedding.

Mia accuses Nicole of lying and insists on taking back her baby; Kate surprises Daniel and Chloe by bringing them together.

Brady tries to tell Nicole that he loves her; Bo tries to catch Hope and Roman in a compromising position.

Philip gets a call to attend a mysterious meeting with a new client; Sami tries to tell EJ about their child.

EJ and Stefano plan to have Philip killed by a hit man; Mia makes a surprise appearance at EJ and Nicole's wedding.

**UPDATED 4/6**

Weekly Summary

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: EJ accused Sami of sending Rafe to spy on his family. Melanie gave Brady the courage to go after the woman he loves. Sami vowed to tell EJ about their daughter before he married Nicole. Bo and Hope reconciled after his vision about Roman proved false. Stefano sent a hitman after Philip. Max was introduced to the new waitress, Arianna, at the pub. Stephanie was able to take Philip's mind off work. Brady kissed Melanie after being rejected by Nicole. Mia arrived at the church just before Nicole's wedding. Watch For: Stefano believes he's been poisoned. Mia is surprised by her lack of feelings for Sydney.


**UPDATED 4/7**

Daytime Dial spoilers


*Chelsea finds out that Max is applying to medical school.

*Hope and Roman get stuck together on a stake out in a hotel.

*Brady tries to convince Nicole not to marry EJ.

*Mia tells Nicole she wants Sydney back.

*A beautiful new waitress, Arianna, begins working at the Brady Pub.

Thursday – Sami tells Lucas that Grace is EJ’s child and that she’s going to tell EJ- today.

Friday – Philip and Stephanie finally make love.


**UPDATED 4/9**

SOW spoilers

Rafe makes plans to leave Salem for good

Kate plots to bring Chloe and Daniel together

Max contemplates applying to medical school

Sami tells Lucas that Grace is EJ's child

A hit man prepares to strike at Phillip and Steph

Can't Miss:Wednesday, April 15th

Brady and Melanie kiss on the pier

**UPDATED 4/10**

Daily spoilers

Monday, April 13th
Nicole recognizes Rafe; E.J. confronts Sami; Will tells Mia about Nicole's past; Melanie gives Brady advice that leaves him thoughtful.

Tuesday, April 14th
Mia confronts Nicole and insists on taking her baby back; Kate has a surprise for Chloe; Bo has another vision about Hope and Roman.

Wednesday, April 15th
Mia visits Will; Brady tells Nicole he is in love with her; Bo tries to find Hope and Roman; Max works with a new waitress at the Brady pub; Melanie makes a discovery.

Thursday, April 16th
Stephanie's plans with Philip are ruined; Melanie realizes that Brady is in love with Nicole; Sami tells Lucas that E.J. is Grace's father.

Friday, April 17th
A hit man tracks Philip; Stephanie and Philip finally make love; Chloe runs into Brady; Sami is desperate to tell E.J. the truth.

**UPDATED 4/11**

More Daily spoilers

Monday, April 13th
EJ confronts Sami about Rafe spying on his family; Mia learns about Nicole's past from Will; Melanie gets caught pulling a scam at the Java Café, but is saved by Brady.

Tuesday, April 14th
Mia tells Nicole she wants Sydney back; Hope and Roman go on a stakeout at a motel; Kate insists Chloe meet with her because she has a surprise; Kate's assistant alerts her of a crisis.

Wednesday, April 15th
Brady tries to persuade Nicole not to marry EJ; Chelsea finds out that Max is applying to medical school; Hope and Roman get trapped in a motel room; a new waitress named Arianna begins working at the Brady Pub.

Thursday, April 16th
Sami tells Lucas Grace is EJ's child and that she's going to tell EJ; Stephanie finds a creative way to get Philip's attention; Brady pulls away from Melanie's kiss; the bracelet Chloe gives Nicole breaks.

Friday, April 17th
Philip and Stephanie make love; EJ and Stefano put a hit man on Philip's trail; Nicole and EJ's wedding day arrives, and Nicole sees some unexpected faces.
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