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Apr 1 2009, 02:18 PM
Haahahahahhahaa... I really cant help but smile.

Rafe is not going anywhere.. and while I expect the road to happyness for "Safe" will have plenty of bumps,twists and turns.. I do believe its in the works. And .. It helps that Alison Sweeney LOVES working with him, and Has implied that she was not a fan of the Ejami pairing.
Safe has a HUGE fanbase, and they are only a few months into him being there.

Im not surprised that the posts of those hoping he leaves and not liking Rafe, or "Safe" are ofcourse "Ejami's".. He is competition to their prefered couple.
And ofcourse they wont admit thats why they dont like him.. Its always because .. "Oh he is boring" or blahh..He is not as hot as the hunky Brit.. (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) or they have no chemistry, He is *Controlling*. (That makes me laugh.. I could post some clips of EJ's brand of *Controlling*) Or... He has some evil dark past, or my favorite, he is "Romans son" and related.. They dont like his voice, or his hair , or .. well...pick something *LOL* when really they simply dont like competition.
The plain truth is... When Sami wants a man.. she fights for him.. she does not walk away.. She does not "DENY" her feelings, she will go to ANY length to get him in fact. Uhhh thats not her approach with EJ .. because while she may have some "Sort" of feelings for him based on his being a good father to her kids. She does not truly love him.

Rafe is here to stay.. This whole plot line is an opportunity for Sami to put her past with EJ in perspective, and realize the truth .. and then do what Sami does best. """Go after her Man"""
>>>>> Rafe.
In my opinion EJ is the only man Sami have really ever truly loved and it scares her! Rafe is just another Austin, Lucas and Brandon IMO!
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