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Good interview.

I enjoy these three and In really don't see the big deal concerning Melanie's age. For me, she acts older then she is and this show has done this before. Remember Sami and Austin? He was much older then her yet they played a triangle with them and Carrie. What about Bo and Hope? Bo looked much older then Hope and was written as older. It happens.

The thing I like is how slowly they've built it up. They aren't forcing it on people and I like how who the characters are is playing a role in the story. Philip's conflict over being like his father or being his own man, Stephanie's struggle with whether or not she can love Philip for who he, and Melanie's struggling to make something of herself. I think the show is doing a fine job so far. I just wish they would focus on it a bit more now because all the focus has been on Philip and the Dimera/Kiriakis stuff, which I think will be used to help further the triangle. Now that the feud is established, they can go back to the triangle a little bit. I feel like they wanted to focus a great deal on Philip and his inner conflict because I think part of the reason Jay nearly quit was because of the writing for his character. I think what we've been seeing was a response to some of the concerns he may have had.

Fun interview. Love all three and look forward to what they will bring in the future.
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