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I don't think they have veered off course at all. They just haven't been focused on all that much. It's clear the love story and triangle with Melanie were pushed aside for a bit to focus on the starting of the Dimera/Kiriakis stuff, which I expect to further the Melanie/Philip/Stephanie stuff. I expect the focus to go back to all that now.

I like that they are moving slowly with the new pairings. We don't have couples having sex after only a few weeks or months and we are actually seeing these couples go out and go through things that make them closer. The show is writing these new relationships the right way and I just hope they continue because relationships like Sami/Rafe, Brady/Nicole or Nicole/EJ, Philip/Stephanie or even Philip/Melanie, and Will/Mia have major potential.

I can't wait to see what happens next and it looks like there will be some good stuff with Philip and Stephanie. I like how Chelsea and Max are involved in all this too because of past history with Stephanie and Max. I'm glad they don't ignore it.
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